About Me

Hi, I’m Romecca, a certified Life and Wellness Coach, International Speaker and Spiritual Change Maker, from Brisbane, Australia.

I am also an Abuse Prevention Advocate and Action Taker. I enable trust, hope, glory and inspire a future of possibilities, where dreams come true.

My mantra is, ‘The cycle stops here’. This embodies my mission – to help Mothers break free from their fears and live the happy life they have imagined for them and their family. I help women transform their lives, using my heart-centred, personalised approach to coaching.

As the Founder of Hearts Content Life Coaching – a service that promotes the wellness of women through powerful individual, group and online training – I encourage others to achieve to their ‘Hearts Content’. Being a Certified Life Coach, I work with women to turn their dreams into a reality, stopping negative cycles, fueled by fear of failure, judgment, and low self-worth.

My own experiences have empowered me to lead with authenticity. I’m empathetic and share openly, the wisdom I have gained around dealing with addictive cycles, child abuse, domestic violence, depression, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and negative thought patterns. I’m committed to stopping the cycle, one client at a time.

When I am not helping others stand tall, I’m probably enjoying the outdoors with my family by photographing the natural world. My real guilty pleasure is riding on the back of my husband’s Harley with my arms and heart open wide to the sky like i’m flying free.


With a background in nursing and the health industry, clients thank me for being thoughtful and practical. Studying Life Coaching – coupled with my beliefs and life experiences – has enabled me to not only stop my own negative cycles, but to stop generations of addictive cycles. As a result, I have become the content Woman and Mother I am today. This is also my wish for you.



I want to genuinely support other Women just like I wished I had during my times of struggles with fear of failure and judgment that I was not a good mother.  Someone who could celebrate with me when I started to believe that “I could do it”.  Someone who would listen and share their wisdom to guide me down the path when things seemed impossible and uncertain.  A person who could assure me that everything was going to be ok because they knew exactly what they were talking about based on real life experience.

This is the positive and non judgmental space that I look forward to providing for you as you enjoy the precious years with your children.


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Address: P.O. Box 292

Deception Bay, Queensland Australia 4508

Phone: 0400921091

International Calls: 61+400 921 091

Business Hours: 9a-5:00p M-F

Outside hours available by appointment only

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